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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blasting Through An Exercise Rut

I love how the universe works sometimes. A while back Mark Sisson posted a few articles about working out and exercise ruts, and I also joined the Women's Weight Loss Summit. I only watched a handful of presentations, but the ones I did watch were well worth it and have my gears turning on some things I want to try (including the Psychology of Eating certification!). I've also been feeling pretty "blah" about my body and my weight, which I know is a result of taking some time away from the gym to coach volleyball.

BUT, now that volleyball is over I'm back at the gym and ready to get back into triathlon shape! Even so, my workouts have been slightly, well, aimless. I know I need to lift heavy things and blah blah blah but I wasn't super enthusiastic about getting back on the NerdFitness routine I did last fall and overall was lacking general direction. The only solid thing I've been doing is running a mile, something a reasonably fit individual should be able to do--yet that's something that, mentally, I'm terrible at because of my history with running and cardio in general.

Today, though, I listened to an encore presentation from the Women's Weight Loss Summit, and now I'm really fired up to get in the gym and try this for the next month or two. The presenter was Jade Teta with the Metabolic Effect. It was a great presentation and I'm going to be applying his exercise advice to blast through this "meh" feeling and get back on track.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Creating a Productive Life

This will be a quick post today. I'm reading Tim Ferris' book The Four Hour Work Week in anticipation of my 5 year plan and eventually running my own business. It's a really good read and while I'm still skeptical that I could really only work 4 hours a week, he does offer a lot of advice and inspiration for getting things done and to quit procrastinating on the things we really want.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Getting Debt Free!

This is a health blog (I guess), but I'm talking about finances for several reasons: 1) Finances can be a huge source of stress and 2) stress plays a huge roll in our health. Also (3, I suppose), this directly relates to my future plans to work as a health coach!

Fill out this form with your debt/loans to find out
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Anyway, I've found an amazing little tool that makes me even more motivated to get rid of my debt as soon as possible. It's, and it really shows how quickly you can get out of debt by using a snowball or avalanche method. Basically, you input your loans with their balance, minimum payment, and interest rate, then decide how much you want to put towards everything each month. Depending on the option you choose (avalanche vs. snowball), shows you how much to pay to each loan (and when!) to pay them off as quickly as possible. Once a loan is paid, you take that payment and apply it to another loan (hence the avalanche/snowball terms) to pay those down even faster.